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"Our chief goal is to create dependable and durable products that are designed and constructed in the USA — to meet the great challenge of effective water management for the modern world."

As an All American brand, the COAST™ line of products has shown industry leadership, providing new innovative, high-quality lavatory products, with an unparalleled history of supplying over 600 million tank components to customers worldwide. Beginning in the 1940s, Pacific Coast Casting branded COAST™ by pioneering a state-of-the-art plumbing product line, featuring the “COAST-GEM” brass control valve for the water closet.

In the late 1950s and continuing the COAST™ brand, Coast Foundry and Manufacturing acquired the original Pacific Coast Casting and continued advancements, resulting in product enhancements, adding the Coast-Master, 1B, and the 1B1™ fill valves and the Douglas All Brass Flush Valve. The COAST™ line expanded to meet demands for newer innovations.

With the advent of plastics and polymers in the 1970s, COAST™ product lines were further enhanced with the 1B1X and the Mark fill valve series based on the 1B1™ along with the addition of Certain Flush™ technology. Newly formulated resins in the 1980s led to the solution of chlorine and mold resistant Ultra Blue™ and Poly PRO™ flappers which gained a reputation for outstanding durability and performance, cost effectiveness, and flexibility. In the more environmentally conscious world of the 1990s, the COAST™ product line met the demand for the 1.6 gallon per flush fixtures with the COAST™ line of adjustable fill and flush systems.

Preserving the historic COAST™ product line, Coast Products L.L.C. acquired Coast Foundry and Manufacturing through bankruptcy proceedings in 2008. With more than 80 registered and licensed patents and trademarks and through strategic acquisitions of irrigation technology plus key research and development of new pilot, meter, and fill valves, Coast Products remains at the forefront of water management and toilet trim parts with the most recent additions of the Patriot™ fill valve; the HurricaneTM flush valve; the Water Honcho™; ACCUWATER™ water irrigation management controller; and the Build Your Own OEM Certified Valve™ (coming soon). The entire product line is designed to surpass all Code standards and regulations. The COAST™ line of products can be found in some of the finest industry leaders: American Standard, Eljer, Crane, TOTO, Kohler, Gerber, Ferrum, Briggs, and CISA.

Servicing DIY to the largest OEMs, Coast Products is continuing the legacy of providing innovative, high-quality solutions focused on the management of earth’s most precious resource – water.

Limited Warranty

Coast Products warrants that the goods are free of material & manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. In the event of a defective product being returned, Coast Products will mail the customer a replacement product.

EXCLUSIONS: In no event will Coast Products be liable for damages resulting from improper installation or damage caused by neglect, alteration or abuse of these products or misuse with other products not made by Coast Products. Also, Coast Products shall not be liable for any failure of these products caused by the use of concentrated chloramine or chlorine-releasing bowl cleaners placed in the toilet tank.

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